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Things heard while subbing.

*Child: “Mr. Frye? Uh, it smells like butt and eggs in here.”
Me: “Does anyone need to go to the bathroom? Anybody?”
Me: “Let me rephrase that. Did anyone need to use the bathroom about one           minute ago?”
(kid smiles and raises his hand)
Child next to him: “Well, we just made your day exciting didn’t we Mr. Frye?”

*”Did you know that we have the Verizon guy as our substitute today!?”

*”He was sick with the chickenpops. It was bad. He had a chicken here and one here and here and they were exploding and stuff.”

*”Kindergarten, how do I need you to behave right now?” “Um, good. Yep. ‘Cause if we don’t then our moms will beat our butts.”