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Blow My Mindsday: March 9, 2011.

Links! Here is a start of a weekly post about some of my favorite things I’ve wasted time on lately.

Devour sifts through the best of the best of YouTube then puts them all in one  handy spot for your viewing pleasure. The kicker is that it is all in HD.

Fifty and Fifty is a collective, curated project where fifty designers are invited to represent their state by illustrating its motto. New pieces are posted each weekday.

The Material Review is the Tumblr account of one of my longtime blog reads, A Continuous Lean. It is solely a photo blog of anything and everything cool.

-This bit of fun comes from the good old folks over at McSweeney’s. Have you ever wondered what your favorite classic rock band says about you?

-Shaine Claiborne shares his thoughts and some interesting tidbits over at The Huffington Post on What Would Jesus Cut?

-Maybe it is because both of our parents are educators or some other reason, but I applaud  Jon Stewart for slamming Fox News for scapegoating teachers. When you are done watching the video give the site it’s on, GOOD, a once-over. It is definitely worth your time.

Cool: Old Cars Edition.

Cool: Gentlemen Edition.