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Library sub.

I have been the on-again off-again librarian substitute for East Lake Elementary here in Chattanooga. Here is a bit of a walk-through of where I worked.

Haven’t seen much of these parts lately.

So here is my obligatory blog post about how sad and sorry I am for neglecting The Rumpus for so very, very long. Life has been a bit on the crazy side of late. Jodi and I are continuing to settle in to Chattanooga. I even have my very own ‘Noog sticker on my Nalgene! That proves that I’m a certified Chattanoogan, right? Anyway, you few and faithful can expect more updates on life and otherwise will be forthcoming soon.


Jodi and I are newly minted Chattanoogans. I feel as if I should inundate you with interesting Chattanooga facts periodically in the next few posts.

First set of Chattanooga Facts:

-Chattanooga’s nickname is The Scenic City or the lesser known River City.

-It is the fourth largest city in Tennessee behind Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville.

-It was ranked 8th on Forbes “Bang for Your Buck” city list.

-Notable residents include (at one time or another) Samuel L. Jackson, Willie Mays, Olan Mills, Terrell Owens, and Usher.

Rumpus Rumpus Rumpus.

Well, here goes. I am starting up this blog as my wife and I are about to graduate from the Graduate Reading program at Harding University in good ole Searcy, Arkansas. We are moving to Chattanooga within two weeks! I envision this blog to be a place to not only chronicle our lives but a place to share interesting tidbits, thoughts, inspirations, and manage a bit of mischief now and again. The rumpus is starting. The rumpus has now begun.