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Thrifting Lately.

I’ve always been a fan of thrift stores. At first they were a bountiful source of ironic t-shirts and tacky clothing that comes prepackaged with being an angsty teenager who desperately wanted to┬ábe clever. Throughout college I filled my dresser drawers with thrifted shirts to wear under my Piper suit and during countless rehearsals. It has only been recently that I realized the true potential of scouring through piles of other people’s tax deductions.

After we got married, Jodi started picking up pieces of furniture from thrift stores, Craigslist, and flea markets to refurbish them. She‘s just cool like that. The table is her most recent project and she got the globe at the same place. The globe has Soviet Union in nice bold print across it. Bonus!

Through a combination of too much time spent on my Google Reader and life dedicated to public education (read destitution) I started looking at thrift stores in a different way. I have started to stock up on dress shirts, ties, and shoes that with a bit of discernment are in quite a supply.

This is what I lucked out on today.

The wing tips are Florsheims size 11 and the loafers are Giorgio Brutini size 10.5. The latter fit like a glove and I’m pretty excited about rocking them sockless for the rest of the summer. $6 a pair and a good shoeshine later and I just almost doubled my dress shoe collection. I’m well on my way to being a crotchety old professor.

Cool: Old Cars Edition.

Cool: Gentlemen Edition.

I am an old man.

It is in fact no secret that at a ripe old age of 24 years I am already an old man. Indeed an old man of the usually grumpy disposition, no less. That being said, I chanced across these pictures of these casual yet distinguished gentlemen while reading Put This On and it set my Gramps-sense a-tingling. As soon as I find one of these for myself you can bet I will be wearing it like crazy while pretending to be cool and/or generally put-together. A guy can wish, right?