The Passage.

I recently finished reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. It is a bit of a time-sucker because it is quite long and ridiculously intriguing. Before you might write this book off as yet another profit-seeker so common now to the vampire fiction genre let me reassure you that you don’t have to be a vamp fan to enjoy this book. Instead, think of The Passage as a sprawling epic account of a virus that turns the North American continent into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The stories of a young girl, death row inmates, federal agents, and a lone colony interweave to create a genuinely great start to a new trilogy by Justin Cronin. Highly recommended mix of literary fiction and the supernatural.


One response to “The Passage.

  1. Found you by searching WordPress. Just read this book also and completely agree with your assessment. It was a thrilling book and hard to put down… but equally hard to pick up – wow, it was long and heavy! Time well spent, however(though I did lose some interest after the first 50 pages or so, but quickly got it back.) And, after the ending, am glad to see there will be two more, though I hear it could be 2 years until the next one comes out! Look forward to reading your blog in the future.

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